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GCE O-Level Physics Syllabus 

Chapter 13: Light

Chapter Topics:

Reflection of light
Refraction of light
Thin lenses

Learning Objectives:

(a) Recall and use the terms for reflection, including normal, angle of incidence and angle of reflection.

(b) State that, for reflection, the angle of incidence is equal to the angle of reflection and use this principle in constructions, measurements and calculations.

(c) Recall and use the terms for refraction, including normal, angle of incidence and angle of refraction.

(d) Recall and apply the relationship sin i / sin r = constant to new situations or to solve related problems.

(e) Define refractive index of a medium in terms of the ratio of speed of light in vacuum and in the medium.

(f) Explain the terms critical angle and total internal reflection.

(g) Identify the main ideas in total internal reflection and apply them to the use of optical fibers in telecommunication and state the advantages of their use.

(h) Describe the action of a thin lens (both converging and diverging) on a beam of light.

(i) Define the term focal length for a converging lens.

(j) Draw ray diagrams to illustrate the formation of real and virtual images of an object by a thin converging lens.

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