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IP Y4 Class

 Interactive Classes

@ Bishan &

 Orchard Plaza

  • Economical choice

  • Interactive setting


  • Tailor-made lessons

Online Power Focus Group

  • Max. 3 pax in a group

  • More flexible pace based on students' needs

Online Booster

  • Intensive lessons in 1 week

  • Revise and boost on past concepts

Interactive Classes

Interactive Classes

Max. 9 Pax


$80 / 2-hr lesson

$105 / 2-hr lesson

Physics is more than merely memorising and applying formulas. Understanding is the most important element to excel in both O level and A Level H2 Physics.

To enable students to understand, Power Physics keeps a small class size of a maximum of 9 students so that they can interact, being fully engaged during lessons.

Interactive Classes Pro


$100 / 2-hr lesson

$120 / 2-hr lesson

This class is designed for the to-be pros and pros. If you have already mastered most of the basics and have a certain capacity for the next level of application of physic. This class is for you. If you feel you still have lots of basics you need to clarify, you are highly encouraged to take the interactive class. 

This lesson will be at bullet train velocity. Please fasten your seat belt. Since you are on the train, be rest assured we will move forward together and no one would be left behind. 

We will explore all the toughest questions A level and Prelim can test you and become a true pro after the lesson. If you would like to review the lesson, you will have the videos to re-experience any time and anywhere.

1-to-1 Lessons


$120 / hr lesson

$180 / hr lesson

(Online lesson)

To get lessons tailor-made just for you, you can engage our tutor – Mr. Young. Lessons will be conducted online. These lessons shall be designed to suit your own needs and effectively tackle your weak areas.

1-to-1 Lessons

@ Your Home


$30-180 / hr lesson

Power Physics has a number of tutors who can teach at your place at different rates from $30 to 130/hr. If you wish to view their profiles, you can sign up here:

Power Focus Group

Max. 3 pax


$160 / 2-hr lesson

$200 / 2-hr lesson

If you need a class that best fits to your needs, this is the class for you.


You will be learning together with two other students who are learning the same topic at a similar pace or level to yours. With an intensive level of engagement and focus, you can learn much more during the lessons.


Booster Sessions


$120 / 3-hr lesson

$160 / 3-hr lesson

Boost your performance in   1    week!

For students who wish to revise or have an in-depth understanding of past topics and their applications, Power Booster Sessions are ideal for you not only to catch up but also to develop a much deeper understanding in the topics covered.

$70 / 3-hr lesson

Sign up before 15 Aug!


Block 505B Bishan Street 11 #01-422 Singapore 238841 

Orchard Plaza #05-36, 150 Orchard Road

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Online 1-to-1 lessons
Online Power Focus Group
Online Booster Sessions
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