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How are lessons structured for A level physics in Power Physics?

The lessons in Power Physics are structured in a way to best enhance students’ understanding of physics, improve student’s capacity to think in physics and get prepared with techniques for tackling “A” types of questions. The lessons are broken into these three steps.


Step 1 : Bridging the Gap


Between “A” understanding and capability and your current understanding, there is a gap in terms of foundations and the skills. 


Initially we will go through and build a strong foundation on the physics concepts that students need help with. The style of the lessons are very dynamic and spontaneous depending on each class’ pace. In this way, instead of going through all the concepts with all the details, students will “save” on the precious time and focus on only what is necessary. This is achievable for small group (Maximum 9 students) lessons.



Step 2  Learn All the Techniques, Tricks and Shortcuts


After building a strong foundation, the lessons will be geared to get students to master the skills, tricks and shortcuts in applying various physics concepts. 


For each topic, almost all the possible types of questions related to each concept are nicely categorised for you. All the skills needed will be discussed and shared during the lessons. 


Moreover, students would be given the “A” resources package. If you can digest this package, you are destined to get an A in A level Physics. 



Step 3 Sure “A” Formula


Once you have joined Power Physics' classes, you will be ensured to reach the “A” standard. 


There will be a topical test after each topic. The questions are all selected from the “A” resource package where all the answers and step by step workings have been given to you in advance. The passing mark at Power Physics is 80%. If you have done a good preparation, you can pass the test easily. 


For students who do not pass, you are welcomed for retests before or after the class until you pass the tests. 


In this way, students are ensured to reach “A” standard.



No one will be left behind. 

Regardless if you are JC1 or JC2 this year, do not worry if you have “missed” classes on certain topics. There are “Crash Courses” all year round in Power Physics - March School Holiday, June School Holiday, September School Holiday, where students can catch up. All the resources will be given for you to get up to speed. 


To join JC Physics Tuition at Bishan or in Orchard, feel free to contact us. 

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