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Tutor Young

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years of tutoring experience

With valuable experience accumulated over the decade, Tutor Young will help you to get an 'A'! 

He can show that you don't need to be a PhD or a scholar to understand Physics.


Tutor Young will help you to excel in Physics, not by merely memorizing, but through understanding. Instead of remembering hundreds of formula, you can score well by just knowing a few.

"In PowerPhysics, you will “feel” physics,

rather than merely going through the formulae.

You will be exposed to more than enough questions

so that you can achieve your academic goals."

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Colorful Notebooks


Jden, Eunoia JC (2019)

I am Jden from Eunoia Junior College(J2 in 2019). Mr Young is a patient and detailed teacher who takes prides in his teaching. Under his guidance, my grades have drastically improved from U in my mid year exams to B in my promotional exams. During lessons, Mr Young not only goes through the basic formulas and concepts, he breaks it down for us so that we understand how we can derive the formula easily rather than memorising each of these formulas. He also goes through more in-depth concepts which are usually not covered in school notes and techniques that can help tackle harder questions that appaears in exams. He make sure that we understand the underlying concepts of each questions so that we are able to apply the same concepts on similar questions in the future.

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