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Tutor Young is together with a team of qualified tutors for Maths, Chemistry and Economics for Secondary and JC level.

O-Level A Maths

Other than specializing in teaching secondary and JC physics, Tutor Young is also experienced in teaching upper secondary A Maths. Every year, he teaches A Maths to students privately and in small group settings and they have shown significant improvements.


Currently Tutor Young has the following two group tuition for S4 A Maths students

Tuesday 530pm - 7pm

Sunday 9am - 1030am

A-Level Maths

Tutor Leon is a JC Maths specialist and has had years of experience guiding students to ace their A level maths examination.

Find out more about his current schedule and pricing:

Power Maths

O-Level Chemistry

Tutor Alice is an experienced chemistry tutor with more than 12 years of experience. Her passion for guiding students can be seen in her patience and the extra time she puts in for each student. To her, every student is unique and have unrealised potential.

Find out more about her current schedule and pricing:

Power Chemistry

A-Level Chemistry

Tutor Jacky is a highly sought Ex-MOE JC Chemistry tutor. Over the years of teaching, he had mastered the knowledge and skills in working with students of varied learning abilities, from the average student to the high ability ones, to maximise their individual potential in their quest for excellence in learning Chemistry!

Find out more about his current schedule and pricing:

My Chem Cafe

A-Level Economics

Tutor Edmund is a highly experienced Economics tutor in Singapore. Tutor Edmund founded Economics Cafe, which is a leading and premier economics tuition centre in Singapore specialising in Singapore-Cambridge GCE ‘A-Level Economics tuition which includes both H2 economics tuition and H1 economics tuition. It is widely regarded as one of the best economics tuition centres in Singapore.

Find out more about his current schedule and pricing:

Economics Cafe

Other Subjects

If you need help in securing a good and committed tutor for your child for other levels or subjects, you are looking at the right place! Mindworks Tuition is a reliable home tuition agency that would be able to find suitable tutors based on your needs and requirements.

Mindworks Tuition

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