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Effective JC Physics Group Tuition

Looking for a way to ace your Physics grades within 3 months?

Join our H2 Physics group tuition! Enrollment in 2023 has started!

Are you struggling with your learning of JC H2 physics? You have come to the right place.

Our JC H2 Physics group tuition have helped many JC students in Singapore improved their at least 2 grades within 12 lessons. For our A level students, 80% of our JC2 students scored A for H2 Physics and 100% scored at least B in their A level exam.



Power Physics has developed an effective learning system of helping JC students shorten their learning curve of A level H2 Physics. Students who attend our group tuition regularly and adopt our learning system improved 2 to 6 grades within 12 lessons. Moreover, they  all pass their JC1 Promotional exams and scored at least a B in their A level exam. 

As a Power Physics student, you will be empowered by our strong academic support:

  • Effective online Physics videos for you to learn at your own pace.

  • Mastery Physics practice sets to help you score additional 20 to 30 marks in exams.

  • Free online Whatsapp consultation.

Our H2 Physics group tuition is conducted by H2 Physics specialist Tutor Young. Tutor Young has helped numerous JC students scored As and Bs in their A level exams for the last 8 years. His Physics lessons are easy-to-understand and can help students from different Junior Colleges (JCs) prepare for their common assessments (CAs) and block tests effectively. Many Power Physics students have also feedbacked that after attending Tutor Young's lessons, they no longer feel H2 Physics is a challenging subject and have confidence to learn H2 Physics better.

Sign up for our JC Physics Tuition Now!

With the 3-Power approach, you will get the power of exceling in your exams and knowing better of the world.

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