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Can you survive from O-level Physics?

O-Level Pure Physics is the foundation for many advanced courses in Polytechnics and in JC.

Yes, you can do quite well by just memorising the formulas and definitions, but certainly it will be boring and tedious.

Moreover, a lack of comprehension of concepts will only lead to a shaky foundation.

The problem will become even worse as you progress to courses using advanced Physics...


Power Physics aim to help you build a SUPER strong foundation. You will develop a strong and deep understanding, and learn by an easy and enjoyable approach.

Power Physics will enable you to do well via the 3-Power approach.

Power of Play

The first thing is to play with the concepts, left to right, up to down,

inside and outside.


Once you understand the concepts, it become very easy to apply on questions no matter what angle they come from. 


No matter how the questions change, you will be able to detect the slightest change as you understand the concepts.

Power of Practice

You will get chance to practise the most critical questions type by type and level by level.


Our systematic practice will let you understand how you can link the core physics concepts with the questions.

Power of Preparation

“No man is an island” so do physics concepts.

“No physics concepts is a stand alone concept.”


They are all inter-related.

All topics can be related to each other via one way or another.


An in-depth preparation of doing cross topics questions will help you to master the understanding of physics.

Power of Preparation

With the 3-Power approach, you will get the power of exceling in your exams and knowing better of the world.

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