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JC Physics September 2020 Crash Course

Dear students, Tutor Young from Power Physics would be providing a JC Physics crash course this term break!

You will get 
1. A revision of every topic JC H2/H1 physics
2. Understand most difficult & complex concept in each topic
3. In-depths application of the concepts via “A” questions.


During this course, you will not only be able to clarify your doubts, solidify your understandings, but you will boost your “A” getting abilities. Tutor Young is committed to help all his students to get A. And once you joined this course, Tutor Young will guide you all the way to your A level (2020) by providing resources. 

Get discounted rate for you and your friend through our referral scheme!

Please feel free to clarify any details and register by contacting 86000848 now!


Have any questions? Feel free to contact us at +65 86000848

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