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JC Physics
Nov/Dec Holiday 
Crash Course

Unlock Your Potential with the PowerPhysics J1 Nov/Dec Intensive Course 2023

Our PowerPhysics Intensive Course is meticulously crafted to fortify your grasp of JC 1 subjects, transforming principles into practice to boost your exam scores. It's perfect for learners who are ready to embrace knowledge, enhance revision strategies, and secure a thorough understanding of their curriculum. As you journey through the course, your confidence will soar, enabling you to tackle any question with certainty and all your queries on course material, key concepts, or essential skills will be addressed to ensure your triumph in JC1.

Learn On Your Schedule

All course materials are conveniently accessible online – learn from wherever you are, whenever you want

Enrollment Options:

#1 Customize Your Learning Experience

  • Select topics that pique your interest for a personalized learning path.

  • Each 2-hour session is priced at $80, with topics ranging from 3-5 sessions.

  • Bonus: Post-learning, engage in a complimentary 2-hour session with Tutor Young to dissolve any lingering doubts.

#2 Comprehensive J1 Subject Package

  • Get the full suite of J1 topics, typically 10, for a bundled rate of $1880 (a $3280 value for 41 lessons).

  • Should you require a more tailored approach, private one-on-one sessions are bookable as needed.

#3 Advance with J2 Classes (Jan-Nov 2024)

  • Sign up for the J2 weekly lessons from January to November 2024 , consisting of 48 lessons at a total cost of $4800. This payment entitles you to:

    • Access to all J1 recordings from 2023, enabling a review of previous topics.

    • Access to all J2 recordings from 2023 for advanced learning at your own pace.

    • The ability to participate in all live lessons throughout 2024, fully immerse yourself in the learning experience, and have all your questions answered.

J1 Topics at a Glance:

  • Measurement: 4 Sessions

  • Kinematics: 4 Sessions

  • Dynamics: 4 Sessions

  • Force: 3 Sessions

  • Work, Energy, Power: 3 Sessions

  • Circular Motion: 3 Sessions

  • Gravitational Field: 6 Sessions

  • Oscillations: 5 Sessions

  • Waves: 3 Sessions

  • Superposition: 6 Sessions

Choosing the right path is crucial, and we're here to guide you through it. For more details or to register, WhatsApp us at +65 90461609. Embrace the PowerPhysics difference today and let's journey towards academic excellence together.

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