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About Us

PowerPhysics believes that every student can excel in physics 

through the right way of learning, understanding and guidance.


Physics is nothing but the study of our world. 


With PowerPhysics,  students not only score better

but also see the world in a different perspective.

Most students struggle with Physics as some are having a hard time with the traditional classroom setting. Your child will no longer be left behind as they take A-Level Physics or any other lessons from Power Physics tuition centre!


What makes us different from other Physics tuition centres is that we not only let your child memorise the problem solving method. We also imbue appreciation in them that allows your kids to gain a different perspective. Our orientation in teaching JC Physics and any other lessons in our tuition centre are guaranteed to be fun and interactive. Aside from these, we also offer O Level Physics classes here at our tuition centre.

Let’s foster your love for physics now and change the world tomorrow by taking JC Physics from Power Physics tuition centre! We offer both A-Level and O-Level physics. Enquire now!

2024 Physics Group Lesson Schedule:

JC Class Schedule

2024 March JC Schedule.png

2024 Upper Secondary Class Schedule

2024 Sec Schedule_edited.jpg

Contact us for queries regarding new classes planned

Learn Physics to its fullest at Power Physics tuition centre.

Take your JC Physics and other lessons now!

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