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Myths About Learning A Level Physics

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

#1 Remember all formulas & you will get A

Many students remembered a lot of formulas and did pretty well for their O level Pure Physics or Combined physics. They thought that they could do the same for A level H1/H2 Physics. However, they later found out usually by J1 Mid-year or J1 prelim that this way no longer works. Most of the JC Physics are application based, and you really need to understand the concepts within that topic as well as across the topics well. Understanding alone is not enough. Students need to be exposed to a great variety of questions in order to achieve the “internal capability” to ace the papers.

At Power Physics, the Regular classes will help to build the foundation to understand and to apply to a variety questions. The Booster sessions provide an in-depth learning opportunity where some of the most challenging questions are explained in great details for students to internalize the concepts of Physics.

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