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What Makes a Good Physics Teacher in Singapore?

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

What teachers teach students is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge and laying the foundation for sustainable lifelong development. In the learning process, the various science subjects are interconnected and distinctive. In comparison with Chemistry and Biology, Physics is an abstract subject and requires the teachers a different set of skills to impart the knowledge. What makes a good physics teacher in Singapore? There are several characteristics.

1. "Students need a bowl of water, the teacher must have a pool of water"

A good physics teacher is one who has a good and solid understanding of physics knowledge. For learning physics, it is important to have a clear physical framework, rigorous thinking and good scientific literacy. Such a physics teacher can understand the theorems thoroughly and teach them to students, inspire them to conduct deeper problem investigations, and can cultivate students' spirit of inquiry, rather than making them into problem-solving machines for exams.

2. Have solid teaching skills

No matter how strong a teacher's professional knowledge is, if he cannot express it clearly enough to be understood, then he cannot be called a good teacher. Therefore, verbal skills are an indispensable ability for a good physics teacher. Sukhomlinsky pointed out that "the art of education consists first of all in the art of conversation". The effectiveness of a teacher's teaching depends to a large extent on his ability to express himself. The teachers of good expression skill may have the following features.

a) Accurate and concise.

Accuracy means that the teacher is good at the flexible use of words and can express the content explicitl