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What Makes a Good Physics Teacher in Singapore?

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

illustration of a teaching with a student having good relation ship

What teachers teach students is the key to unlocking a treasure trove of knowledge and laying the foundation for sustainable lifelong development. In the learning process, the various science subjects are interconnected and distinctive. In comparison with Chemistry and Biology, Physics is an abstract subject and requires the teachers a different set of skills to impart the knowledge. What makes a good physics teacher in Singapore? There are several characteristics.

1. "Students need a bowl of water, the teacher must have a pool of water"

teacher writing thing on whiteboard facing students

A good physics teacher is one who has a good and solid understanding of physics knowledge. For learning physics, it is important to have a clear physical framework, rigorous thinking and good scientific literacy. Such a physics teacher can understand the theorems thoroughly and teach them to students, inspire them to conduct deeper problem investigations, and can cultivate students' spirit of inquiry, rather than making them into problem-solving machines for exams.

2. Have solid teaching skills

teacher using a ipad to help her teaching

No matter how strong a teacher's professional knowledge is, if he cannot express it clearly enough to be understood, then he cannot be called a good teacher. Therefore, verbal skills are an indispensable ability for a good physics teacher. Sukhomlinsky pointed out that "the art of education consists first of all in the art of conversation". The effectiveness of a teacher's teaching depends to a large extent on his ability to express himself. The teachers of good expression skill may have the following features.

a) Accurate and concise.

Accuracy means that the teacher is good at the flexible use of words and can express the content explicitly without error. Conciseness means that teachers are required to use concise language to express rich content. The teacher's language should be concise and clear with the right emphasis on the key points and the main focus on the difficult points, accurately suggesting the essence of the teaching content and the intrinsic links.

b) Vivid and infectious.

The teacher's words should also be lively, distinct, and full of emotion. It is easier for students to understand and remember, thus avoiding rote learning.

c) Enlightening and educational.

Teachers should use their own language to inspire students, so that the students' neurons can fire up, make new connections, and think independently. Teachers should comprehensively plan their teaching on the basis of a thorough scrutiny of the teaching materials, and should also take the students' ability to cognize into consideration, to make their words become a trigger for students to think and explore. The educational nature of the teacher's expression means that the teacher should cultivate the right values while imparting knowledge to them. In addition to transmission of knowledge via auditory mode, a nice and neatly blackboard writing is essential to enhance students' learning experience. A good teacher also needs to be skilled in computer, which can save time and bring great convenience to the lessons.

3. Knowledge of educational psychology

teaching high-fiving with a student after help him with his question

Educational psychology plays a role in describing, explaining, predicting and controlling educational practice. By using the principles of educational psychology, teachers can not only correctly analyse and understand students, but also predict their behaviour or development direction, and then take appropriate intervention or preventive measures to achieve the desired results. Educational psychology helps teachers to impart knowledge, improve competencies, develop intelligence and foster a sense of creativity and ability in the process of teacher-student interaction, so that they can better manage the teaching process and guide their students. Therefore, a good teacher will have knowledge of teaching psychology, understand students’ psychology and be able to teach better.

4. Good customization of the teaching materials that suit students' needs

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Good physics teachers have a good understanding of the teaching materials and are able to customize the materials for different groups of students based on their needs. For example, the physics teachers in Singapore should develop teaching materials for O level and IP Programme separately. In A level, the materials for H2 and H1 should also be designed separately. Only based on a thorough understanding of the syllabus can they deepen and expand on the teaching content. The lesson design is adapted to suit the various characteristics and needs of different students. The teaching plan is tailored to the different learning situations of different students to keep them interested, entertained, and enlightened.

In the process of learning physics, if you have a good teacher to guide you and answer your questions, you will be able to clear the fog and see the light. We hope that you will find a good teacher to help you improve your physics studies in Singapore.


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